The Victim Impact Exposé Guidlines

Northwest Journal News “Victim Impact Exposé”  Requests

Northwest Journal News is seeking “Victim Impact “ stories of approximately 5000 words written by those directly burdened by the current societal plagues of; Elder Abuse, Domestic Violence, Human-trafficking, Child Abuse, Bullying, Harassment, Fraud, White-collar crime and those traumatized by stranger mayhem; this includes senseless acts of violence and mass shootings.

Any person traumatized by such events is encouraged to submit their article on how they have been impacted.

Please email your article to:

Articles will be promoted via social media and various affiliated publication platforms, including developing media technologies. The Victim Impact Exposé series will also be used as research for citizen-directed public safety policy reform.

Stories can include up to 5 photographs or documents submitted by the article author. Those writing the articles will also be responsible for writing their article headlines and bylines. However headlines may be refined to suit purpose of Victim Impact Expose series, online publishing guidelines and platform navigation limitations.

Please review the Purpose Statement of Northwest Journal News to gain an understanding of this publication and victim impact series. Northwest Journal News is a research driven enterprise and therefore not a traditional online publication